HANDBAG Kuchi Tribal Hobo BellyDance ATS Costume Handmade Kuchi Tribe 765d10


This incredible ONE OF A KIND Kuchi Tribal HANDBAG, from the Kuchi Tribe of Southeast Afghanistan and Northwest Pakistan (Pashtunistan) is great for BELLY DANCE, Tribal Dance, or wearing to that special Tribal Party or event!. . . .HANDMADE in country, this ONE of a KIND item was newly created, by our Afghan refugee artisans, from old items and embroidery that were worn, in country, in ceremony.

The Kuchi are a tribe of Sunni Muslim Nomads living in central Asia, in southeastern Afghanistan to the border of Pakistan. While the Kuchi are of the Pashtun tribe of Afghanistan, they are nomadic, accustomed to moving annually with their herds between summer pastures in Afghanistan and winter pastures in Pakistan. "Kuchi" is a Baluchistan word meaning "nomadic" or "wandering".

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