Afghan Tribal Bellydance Dangles BELT Turkoman 868f10


Fantastic Tribal Kuchi Dangles Belt
You can modify to your length by adding to the ties
The third pic shows the circumference in inches (around) without any ties
HANDMADE by Afghan Refugee Artisans from new and old parts
One of a Kind

This incredible ONE OF A KIND Tribal Dangles BELT, from the Kuchi of Pashtunistan is great for BELLY DANCE, Tribal Dance, or wearing to that special Tribal Party or event!. HANDMADE in country, this ONE of a KIND item was recently created by Afghan refugee artisans, assembling antique tribal pendants, dangles, and coins. Made from Coin Silver and Brass, Natural Stones (some include GENIUNE BLUE LAPIZ), beads, coins, and bells, it is sure to intrigue and entertain, both visually, and in song, as the gentle tinkling sounds will delight those nearby ::smile::

These are very one of a kind unique, and the component dangles are old, with newly attached cords, see the descption above the pics for the size measurements. You may want to modify the clasp (some have buttons, some have knots, some have one continuous cord)....and the measurements listed are the maximum inside circumference...of course you can make it smaller with a clasp, or make it bigger by adding some cord....

The Kuchi are a tribe of Sunni Muslim Nomads living in central Asia, in southeastern Afghanistan to the border of Pakistan. While the Kuchi are of the Pashtun tribe of Afghanistan, they are nomadic, accustomed to moving annually with their herds between summer pastures in Afghanistan and winter pastures in Pakistan. "Kuchi" is a Baluchistan word meaning "nomadic" or "wandering".

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